Albert E. Crooker      1934

Garry A. Crooker     Owner of AEC   2016

 Family... the Foundation to Love, Happiness and Success.

Albert E. Custom Guitars is proudly named after Albert Ernest Crooker my wonderful Father, the greatest Dad any son should share in a lifetime, a talented Legend of a Man with great values, principles and infinite teaching.
All inspiration came from Dad, beginning with music, hearing him sing tunes from his favorite artist, Eddy Arnold.
I can still hear my Dad sing and play that old Silvertone guitar with  steel strings that could make your fingers bleed. 
It began back in the late 1930's when my father performed on a local radio station in Northern California, not far from a farm where he grew up and earned a hard living. Later he became a logger then faught during WWII, with bravery and honor, right on the bloody beaches of Normandy, proudly wearing the Star Spangled Banner tatoo, as pictured on his forearm. 


After serving his country, Albert became a Free and Accepted Mason, a Shriner and Master of his lodge, long endured and respected for three honored terms. The light of Masonry brightly shined upon him, spoken to me by many brethren within the hallowed halls of Free Masonry. He was an outstanding father, a great mentor who took care of his wife and son...
Family First, the foundation and bedrock to upbringing, a richer life forever etched in memory.
Thus, to honor his legacy, I carry forth his name in the business of meticulous workmanship, the refined and specialized art of guitar building, in sound and design, in loving memory of Albert Ernest Crooker, the Greatest Father who ever lived.

Love you pop