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Craig Bartock,  HEART  lead guitarist

John Nymann, y&t guitarist

"Everything about this guitar is streamline, very cumfortable, lightweight and plays awesome. Great for both Country and Rock. The big single coils on this guitar works well with the Y&T sound. I'm very pleased with it. Albert E. Custom is the place to go for Custom built guitars and also if you need repair work."

Albert E. Custom Guitars

 "Just when I thought I had everything I needed out of a guitar,
   someone comes along and reminds me that there still can be
   innovation. Albert E. Custom did just that. I can finally dial in
   the tones I need with Heart for both rhythm and lead and not
   have to compromise anything.
   The quality on Albert E. Custom Guitars are second to none.
   I would highly recommend getting your hands on one and
   giving it a try. You won't be disappointed.
   Albert E. Custom Guitars are true player guitars. They are 
   meant to be used."